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About Us

About us

InProcess is the strategic innovation agency for Fortune 500 companies that want to evolve their models. We design people-inspired innovation to energize their next business, service and product.

From devising strategy frameworks to carrying out ethnographic research, from the design of innovation to its implementation, InProcess is fully engaged to impact, side by side with its clients, their future results. And their own customers’ lives!

Our core values underlie our work and our relationships with our clients.
Our clients are all challengers with an adventurous mindset. Our teams support them daily throughout our common innovation adventure. We help them articulate their needs. We support them in the management of change and of the acceptance of innovation, both internally and externally.

Our partners
  • APCI
  • Esomar
  • Adetem
  • Designers Interactifs
  • Paris Sorbonne Université
  • Cap Digital
  • Croissance Plus
  • Fing
We respect
We respect the complexity of each innovation situation and we approach it with humility: before we start, we know we do not know.
We compromise
We do not compromise on the need for boldness. Our clients call for our intellectual freedom.
We face
We face every new innovation adventure with optimism and generosity. Together with our clients, we will find an impactful and efficient solution.
We believe
We are all people who believe in the value of genuineness and honesty. We are telling our clients the truth, and only the truth.
We engage
We engage hand in hand with our clients, in proximity and in open relationships. We invite them to participate in all the steps in the innovation process.
We never give up
We have the courage of our convictions. We believe in the effectiveness of the solutions our innovation process unveils. We never give up or let our clients face a complex situation or delicate meeting alone.
We know
We know real life is not black and white. We advocate a world of finesse, subtlety – and elegance.

Our credo

is not invention

It is much broader. Invention is about idea generation, while innovation is about fueling the growth of businesses. Successful innovation is designed step-by-step thanks to a solid scientific method that transforms the germ of an idea into an impactful reality for companies and their customers. It always goes through three steps:

1 Invention
the idea of a new model (product, service, experience, business model...)
2 Release
the transition from idea to reality. It involves design, engineering, production, marketing and communication.
3 Adoption
the natural installation in end-users’ lives.

Adoption only arises when innovation teams take time, prior to the invention, to observe usages and to identify customers’ real and concrete needs. These usages will be the hotbeds of successful innovation.

It all starts
with mankind

We believe that successful innovation always starts with understanding human beings, because today’s emerging usages contain the seeds of tomorrow’s growth and competitive advantage.

Our innovation process always begins with ethnographic observations of consumers.

We do not pay attention to what they say they do, but to what they really do. Our ethnographic observations help build innovation scenarios that truly meet the needs of our clients and impact their business. And our innovations really install themselves in the daily lives of our clients’ own customers.

Innovation is all
about impact

Whether incremental or breakthrough innovation, our job is to help our clients create long-lasting value. We are not eager to create the brightest idea for our clients.

We are enthusiastic about designing innovation that their own consumers will love and adopt. Because when innovation is based on humans and meets end-users’ needs, it inevitably impacts our clients’ business.

Our Team

InProcess gathers a unique community of talents passionate about innovation and its impact. Whether they come from a human sciences or a design background, from a Mediterranean or an Anglo-Saxon culture, people at InProcess are all advocates of our multidisciplinary approach of innovation. Their complementary expertise grows a consistent team that thrive on questioning today’s usages. They are bold and committed individuals who share a generous, optimistic, and authentic vision of tomorrow.

The InProcess Research team brings together sociologists, anthropologists, ethnologists, semioticians and ergonomists to explore our daily lives. They gain insights into our latent needs, behaviours and desires.

Designers and engineers in the InProcess Design team draw on their observations to craft rich innovation scenarios that are at the heart of the agency’s creative processes.

Our team is complemented by a network of academic researchers of utmost expertise who join the team depending on our research fields.

Authentic vision of tomorrow

Christophe rebours

CEO InProcess

A passionate voice for real innovation by and for humans.

Christophe is deeply convinced that creativity is born of the interaction and connections between seemingly unconnected worlds and systems. He believes that true and impactful innovation resides in the confluence of both design and ethnology. He founded InProcess to offer companies an innovation approach nurtured by and drawing on insights from human sciences and design.

Prior to InProcess, Christophe started his career in Germany as an industrial designer for Fitch and for Industrial Produkt, then in Hong Kong for the Atelier Cler. Philippe Starck later entrusted him with developing the ranges of colors and materials for Thomson consumer electronic products. He also partnered with Plan Créatif agency (Babel) where he accompanied large companies, notably in Korea and in the United States, in the conception of innovative products.

He graduated from Ecole Boulle and the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs (ENSAD) where he explored the field of human sciences: it was to be a decisive encounter. Feeling perfectly at ease in spheres of unusual constraints, Christophe chose, for his graduate degree project, to design a habitat for living in zero gravity. He convinced the European Space Agency to fund the project and interviewed astronauts on their daily lives in space. He began creating his innovation method based on human sciences and design.

Christophe also co-founded Violet, pioneering start-up of the Internet of Things and creator of the Karotz smart rabbit (aka Nabaztag).

Christophe Rebours

Christophe is the co-founder, with sociologist Bruno Marzloff, of Impedimenta®, an incubator for innovations applied to everyday mobility. Impedimenta® deciphers the evolution and challenges facing mobility to recommend innovative strategies to its clients, major players in the mobility sector.

Christophe is regularly invited to share his insights on innovation and the evolution of models to C-Level executives at conferences (Esomar, Seoul Design Fair, CroissancePlus, Adetem, Paris 2.0, SNPTV, APCI…).

Samuel Grange

Head of Innovation Strategy

A semiotician who reveals hidden truths.

A semiotician, Samuel thrives when he prepares new grounds for innovation: he loves to structure and clarify situations for companies ready to engage into an innovation adventure.

Samuel drives semiotic analyzes of markets, brands and cultural themes. He began to work with Jean-Marie Floch, then Desgrippes Gobe in New-York before founding Humalogie (Plan Créatif group) in France. He was also an Associate Director at Added Value.

Samuel loves to challenge reason with eccentricities. He enjoys revealing hidden treasures at the flea market or cabinets of curiosities. He likes Greenaway’s weird movies, the world of Decorative Arts, but also the dream world of his three boys. He loves creating objects, swimming up rivers and searching for the mystery of girls.

Samuel teaches semiotics applied to marketing at the University of Limoges, in the language sciences department.

Samuel Grange