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25 May 2015

Le Monde: design upside down


In the daily newspaper Le MondeVéronique Lorelle investigates about the sensory design, while the D’Days design festival opens on the “Experiences” theme.

She notes that “The sensory design is on a roll. It’s just like having resolved most of the technical problems, we now addressed more acutely the issue of the relationships of the human being with the objects, and of the sensation they provide, whether brief or lasting. “We have evolved from an era driven by technology, from the nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century, to an era where innovation is driven by the usages, analyzes Christophe Rebours, founder of InProcess strategy agency. Daily lives are dramatically changing, and companies need to put people at the heart of their concerns.” (…)

To meet that requirement, this alumni of Decorative Arts, where the father of the TGV, Roger Tallon (1929-2011), was his teacher, has implemented the lessons of his mentor. He gathered the skills of designers, anthropologists and child specialists around him. Together they have been able to develop construction toys that meet the expectations of children today. “We have found that children today less benefit from the adults’ transmission than before, and that they play alone more than before: we have caught their attention with this Meccano which takes back the original shape of the metal piece, but in a shape memory steel, providing a pleasant touch and the ability to create organic buildings” explains Christophe Rebours. This product, manufactured near Calais, in France, ranked up to the fifth place in the construction games charts, facing giants like Lego.”

The reporter also looks at the inventions of the Centre for Studies and Research on sensory technologies (Certesens), born from their approach by the five senses; the project of Résonances to reduce the stress of patients in the operating room; and on the work of designer Mathieu Lehanneur for patients at the end of their life or when taking particular drugs.

To be delicately touched on Le Monde.