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21 Feb 2017

Marketing & Innovation: The Experience, the New Engine of Businesses


Marketing & Innovation, an online media specialized in prospective marketing, published an article dedicated to The Experience, the New Engine of Businesses written by Christophe Rebours and Inès Pauly.

After more than 10 years of observation and research, the notion of experience has emerged. Today we are entering the third era of businesses: “After the industrial revolution produced by technology, after the era of the brand supported by advertising, here comes an entrepreneurial revolution based on the experience of people.” In this new era, having a competitive advantage is not enough to have a sustainable growth, you have to be innovative in other ways. But how? Simply by creating experiences to live. Every company must put humans at the heart of its concerns. To do so, they must rethink the model of their structure based on an innovative, sustainable and fair collective contract for all stakeholders.

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