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1Client context and challenge

With main retail brands like B&Q, Castorama, Brico Dépôt, Screwfix and Koçtaş, Kingfisher plc is Europe’s largest home improvement retail group and the 3rd largest in the world.

Lately, Kingfisher has been creating a streamlined portfolio of 10 exclusive Kingfisher own-brands covering their key product categories. Their first everyday lines to be delivered under this new strategy were seasonal garden products.

InProcess has been challenged to identify and recommend technology bricks to help Kingfisher bring user-friendly lawn mowers to market.

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2 Kingfisher and InProcess’ solution

We conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Great Britain and France to get major insights on:

- the relation to the garden and to the lawn
- the process of mowing
- the tool people use today to mow their lawn.

Our research team detected insightful major learnings on the garden, the mowing, the lawnmower, the store and the brand fields.

We advised Kingfisher about their lawnmower’s key ingredients to improve garden aspiration, lawnmower’s manoevrability and accessibility.




3 Impact

Kingfisher sourced partners and suppliers to create lawnmowers with a true innovative approach, in line with their engagement to make it easier for customers to have better, more sustainable and more affordable homes and gardens.