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24 Mar 2013

Ted talk: Low tech Innovation for climate change



When Christophe Rebours turned back from CroissancePlus’ Spring Campus, he was enthusiastic about a Ted talk he discovered while networking with French entrepreneurs. We viewed it and though it’s not linked to business innovation, we instantly decided to give it an echo on our website. Because if you ever face any difficulty to believe in the genius of mankind and our capacity to innovate, then Allan Savory’s talk is your perfect remedy! Discover how his research helps dramatically reverse climate change thanks to observation and cattles. Congratulations Mister Savory!

12 Feb 2013

Is Empathy useful for business?


How can designers grow and build from the material supplied by the anthropologist? How do they transform his revelations about the usages in research and development levers? How does the ecosystem anthropologist-designer-business live? How can the empathy of the designer for the anthropologist feed an empathy between industries?
Christophe Rebours will address these issue at the round table of the 1st Design & Innovation Forum at the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne. The conference will question the challenges of empathy in the creation and design. It will be animated by Rémy Bourganel, Director, exploratory design research at DNA/Orange and professor at ENSAD, and will also gather Nicolas Nova, researcher at the Geneva University of Art and Design and consultant at the Near Future Laboratory (Genève), and Yann Mathias, creative director of  Method in London.
Register here.

08 Feb 2013

Workshop: Help mutate your expertises!


The design helps reconciling the traditional disciplines of the company to create a new marketing: the marketing of the empathyChristophe Rebours, Pascal Pompéi and Samuel Grange from InProcess will animate a workshop during the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne where participants will learn to bring back together various disciplines: marketing, anthropology, research, engineering … Participants will set altogether the 5 stages of a successful innovation, from refining the question to be addressed to shaping the innovation.

Full program and registration here.

21 Jan 2013

We are proud to support the Zusammen*Ensemble tour for the 50th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty


We are very proud to support the Zusammen * Ensemble tour in Germany and France for the 50th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty.

InProcess designed a light and lively scenography that emphasizes the dialogue between two performers, Isabelle Serrand and Wolfgang Pissors.

Zusammen * Ensemble * together we open up new horizons.

Odile Perceau and the Khloros Concert innovate and invent a new musical experience, they have music and poetry communicate together.

InProcess creates a dialogue between design and anthropology, writes the score of the innovative companies that invent new models.

Together we draw from the common book of man and of his heritage.

Together we strive for a fruitful dialogue between creative disciplines.

And we work with optimism for a better world.

09 Jan 2013

Can we cultivate the spirit of innovation?


Christophe Rebours and Eléonore de Boysson, SVP store network of Louis Vuitton Malletier, jointly introduced the Culture Business 2013 conference through a keynote on the origin of the innovation spirit.

Are we born an innovator or can we become one? How can we improve our innovation skills, as individuals and as organizations? Which cultural and commercial organizations do take risks today?

Read the key learnings from Miguel Perez de Guzman, Quai Branly museum in Paris, Noura Al Sayeh, Ministry of Culture in Barhein, and Paula Rhöss, Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.

The 3rd edition of Culture Business, the conference which bonds cultural institutions with major brands and technology leaders, was dedicated to “Innovation and risk-taking“.

02 Jan 2013

The InProcess team wishes you an inspiring, stimulating and bright year!


07 Dec 2012

InProcess becomes a member of Cap Digital and joins its think tank on the IoT


InProcess proudly joins Cap Digital, one of the major European clusters dedicated to the digital creative industries.

As a starter, InProcess has been invited to share its experiences on the Internet of Things usages in the Home environment during the Living Things #3 session.
Set up by Cap Digital and Systematic, Living Things is the think tank on the Internet of Things. Living Things #3 will be held on December 12 to exchange views and perspectives on a new field: the home.

06 Dec 2012

Christophe Rebours at the ISPIM Innovation Symposium


The 5th ISPIM Innovation Symposium, dedicated to “Stimulating Innovation: Challenges for Management, Science & Technology”, takes place in Seoul, Korea on 9-12 December 2012. The ISPIM invites Christophe Rebours to speak on the innovation scenarios and their capacity to drive innovation, during the session dedicated to Innovation & NPD (December 11, from 9:00 to 10:30am).

Christophe will highlight how the I.R.I.S. method helps incremental and disruptive innovations emerge. Starting from a design thinking approach, he will detail how our distinctive hybrid combination of research and design, of their order and relationships, constitutes a powerful and reproducible methodology to avoid getting bogged down in the obvious, always expected ‘rules’ of a market.

Based on an LVMH case for Dior, he will step by step show how to broaden the scope to a more comprehensive question; how agile designers make a difference for the precious insights gathering stage, rapidly absorbing and indexing an apparent chaos of multiples insights; how their construction of visual scenarios that tell strong stories about new product or service experiences can help consumers (and internal teams) quickly reveal the vital components of an ideal story; and how management teams transform it into an impactful product or service solution – to successfully bring it to market.

30 Oct 2012

InProcess is 10 years old!


For a change, we will not share with you what those 10 years meant to us, or how many exciting clients’ challenges we met, how many kilometers we travelled to observe users all around the globe, or how many innovative scenarios we created. Not that at InProcess we would not enjoy sharing our love of what we do! But as of today, we have instead decided to focus on a new challenge.

As if our daily rhythm was not hectic enough these days, we are providing our time, resources and expertise pro bono to a non-profit project. We are very proud today to announce that we are partnering with the fabulous team of Lamine SECK, Vincent LELANO, Charles KIMOU and Jeanne SAGNA to help them as they prepare an ambitious program of development for the Mbeubeuss dump site (Senegal) and its inhabitants. They have a dream where an entrepreneurial approach to cleaning up the waste from electronic and IT products will generate new opportunities for educating children and creating durable jobs. We are honored to be able to help them turn this dream into a reality.

For us, it is the cherry on the cake to celebrate a wonderful 10 years!

Stay tuned on Twitter for our weekly updates!

21 Oct 2012

InProcess welcomes clients at the FIAC contemporary art fair


We were thrilled to gather our best clients for an exclusive visit of the FIAC contemporary art panorama. On our Grand Palais loggia, we spent a bright Sunday morning enjoying the best of the international contemporary creation. We are thankful to our clients for their presence!

The FIAC brings together modern and contemporary art galleries as well as the design sector in the heart of Paris. It provides a panorama of modern, contemporary and emerging art with 180 galleries coming from 24 different countries.